Saturday, 12 June 2010

The New Me..

Since i ent with Emily'omgimsofuckinguglyandfatlikeahippoaha' Parker, Thins for me are going wicked.I got a different girlfriend ( Chrissie McCartney) .. Oh MY GOD!..when i 1st saw her, i thought to myself ' I have to get her... I must!. I talked to her , and i felt reli reli dam nervous. After a while . i felt Confident enuf.. to pop that Certain question. I asked dher... And She Sed Yes!.. As soon as i saw that she sed yes.. I felt like Fainting aha!..Just Pure Happyness and butterflies rushed to me.
Her looks, Her Smile are excatly what i have been neeeding...And Shes Nothing like the exs, No way Hose!. Theyve all been childish,Immature and Not to mention..Lacking Somthing that Chrissie Has!..... and thats Being Fucking GOREJUS!!!!!.

So Bbey... You And Me All The Way! I love You Soo Much ! (L) xxx